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186: What Is Normal?

Posted on | november 24, 2014 | No Comments

Yesterday I listened to an interview called “Lost Your True Self – Life Review” – and it covered the topic of how we tend to suppress our real and genuine expressions – and instead present ourselves to the world as something we believe to be accepted and normal in the eyes of others. In this particular instance – the person had been quelled through defining herself only in relation to her exterior representation – her picture presentation – thinking that this is ALL of what and who she is.

I could relate to this interview on many levels – primarily the point of defining myself in relation to my physical exterior – but also the point of not allowing my genuine and real expression to come through because I fear that this expression might not be accepted or considered normal by my immediate surroundings. It’s interesting to note that we seldom ask ourselves where we’ve gotten this idea of ‘normal’ from – what is really normal? Many times we define normal according to what our friends share with us, or what we see on television, or hear in music – and almost never do we dare to ask ourselves – what WE consider and can accept to be normal.

Because the only way to live normalcy in self-honesty – is to ask ourselves who and how we are as normal – what is our normal, genuine and real expression? That is something that we’re only able to establish for ourselves when we allow ourselves to look within and see/be intimate with ourselves. We must also take into account that what is currently being professed as ‘normal’ in this world can’t be trusted ­– why? Because it’s historically lead us down some severely compromising paths – simply because we accepted various human traits as ‘normal’ – for example that: “War is a human condition” – obviously it’s not a “human-condition” – it’s something that we decide for ourselves and something we do – a condition is something that we have no control and direction over and is something that ‘just happens’ – while war is something we make a decision to do and then act upon it – and it’s seen as acceptable in the main-stream of consciousness because it’s ‘normal’.

What I see is that we have a responsibility to re-define normal – and bring into existence a new normal – to bring the ‘normal’ of living up to standards – realizing that the only acceptable ‘normal’ way of living is where we honor ourselves and each-other – through for example: learning to think critically and question the various accepted assumptions that exist in this world about how we should exist and how we shouldn’t exist – most of the times when we question a generally accepted presumption – we’re able to find that it has no basis in reality – it’s just an idea. For example: “It’s human nature to be greedy” – is it really? Or could it be that the human is indoctrinated into greed? Could it be that greed is learned and not a condition?

Obviously – we must answer these questions ourselves – because one thing’s for sure – we can’t trust the ‘normal’ that is put out there in the world and that is broadcasted as a truth.

Day 185: Changing In The Physical

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2078766_cesar-millan_xiofoybapldfn74hi3lfpem6lhncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_610x360I’ve recently been watching a television show called ‘the Dog Whisperer’ that stars Cesar Milan – and it’s about the rehabilitation of dogs and the training of human beings (owners) to enable them to effectively care for their dogs. What is fascinating about this show is that Cesar Milan is very perceptive and works with that which we in Desteni refers to as ‘resonance’ or ‘presence’ – and the basic principle he shares throughout the shows is always the same – you create your relationship with your dog in quantum timemeaning: What you think, feel, or perceive in your relationship with your dog is not the creative force – instead you create the relationship immediately with WHO YOU ARE – you create with your very beingness presence – the HOW – of your approach to a particular situation.

Let me give you an example: In one of the shows Cesar Milan is sent to assist and support a woman that have difficulties with her dog – the problem being that her dog is very fearful and nervous around people. The story is that she saved the dog as a puppy from the streets – and ever since she took him into her care – he’s been nervous, fearful and had difficulties bonding with and trusting other people. When the dog meets someone new – he’ll most cower or try to run away.

When Cesar Milan first enters the situation he asks the owner some questions and looks at the basic physical relationship between the human and the dog – and in this show he could see that the reason the dog was afraid was due to how the owner felt guilt and remorse that her dog experienced fear – as well as due to the fact that her dog had spent the initial parts of it’s life on the streets. What this created on a quantum physical level was an acceptance and nourishing of the dogs current state of being – and instead of supporting the dog to be fearless – the owner supported the dog to continue it’s obsession with fear – simply because the owner accepted and allowed that behavior and supported it through the behavior of validating it as a real and valid cause of living insecurity and fearfulness.

Cesar Milan then showed the woman (owner) how she could re-create the relationship through standing as a point of support for her dog – stable, calm and directive (calm assertive as Cesar puts it) – and in that state of being taking the dog out and assisting it to challenge it’s fears – and this approach turned out to be very effective.

So, what I could see here and also relate to is that we create our world through WHO WE ARE – it’s the presence of ourselves – that presence which we resonate and live that creates our lives – and this is also something that can be applied to process and what we’re walking in relation to the mind. Because an interesting point that I’ve noticed – is that we sometimes expect the mind to change because we ‘say it in our minds’ – for example “stop now!” – when obviously – the mind can’t be directed and moved in that dimension of words spoken in the mind – real change takes place when we literally STAND as the change within ourselves – when we LIVE the change – and STAND as the word which we see must be developed within ourselves for us to move forward and transcend a particular point.

Let’s take the example of fear – in directing an experience of fear it’s not enough to just say ‘stop’ to the fear – because we’ve trained our physical bodies and ourselves on a physical level to respond to and be conditioned within fear – thus what we’re not immediately aware of is that when we go into fear – our shoulders will start slouching, our head will nod downwards slightly, and our muscles will constrict in certain parts of our body – and if we want to change the fear experience within ourselves – what is required is not only that we change what comes up in our mind – but also that we direct and re-align our very physical expression and participation in the moment; that we straighten up – pull our shoulders back – and that we dare to look up – face and walk through the moment as it presents itself here. How we really live and exist is thus not something that we’re able to see only through observing what we think – we must also pay attention to and observe our physical actual participation – the resonance and presence we stand as in the moment – and in order for the change to be genuine – we must ‘believe’ or ‘live’ the change in us and then take it through into real physical expression; Meaning it’s not enough to merely change how we move physically – we must also stand as that word within ourselves (for example self-confidence) and then express it through our physicals – thus re-aligning our presence and our way of dealing with and moving with life utilizing the stable assistance and support of our human physical bodies.

Thus – in stopping a particular construct and aspect of the mind – it’s important that we take into account and look at the three ingredients of self-creation; Thought, Word and Deed – our Thought being our inner process of self-correction where we change how we think about the point – our Word being the direction and movement of ourselves in the moment – the Who We Are – and the Deed – being us living that Who We Are into the physical – standing as the word we see would assist and support us in walking through and transcending a particular pattern.

Cesar Milan effectively shows how through aligning and changing our Deeds – we’re at the same time able to change the Thoughts and the Words we live – when we step into a new way living – and push ourselves to physically live and create ourselves as a word – and within that deliberately re-create our physical presence and participation – we equally support ourselves to transform on a inner level – which shows the principle: As within so without – and equally – so without so within.


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